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Old Cartlett House
Trefin, Pembrokeshire
SA62 5AL

Bed and Breakfast, Pembrokeshire


The History of Old Cartlett House

Old Cartlett House
is a historical building, located in an area of Pembrokeshire steeped in Welsh culture and history.

Parts of the house date back to the 16th Century. During its lifetime, Old Cartlett House has been used as a farm, grain-store and cattle-shed. At the beginning of the 20th Century its owner lived in part of the house, keeping her cows in the other half! Over the centuries it has been extended and renovated whilst retaining its original character and charm.

At the beginning of 2006, Old Cartlett House stood empty and in need of major renovation. The restoration of Old Cartlett House to a beautiful family home and Bed & Breakfast began in mid 2006, when the house was purchased by its new owners Martyn and Sue, a property developer and teacher respectively who had spent much of their lives in Pembrokeshire with their family.

With the renovation now complete, Old Cartlett House stands as an enchanting and welcoming home, retaining its historical country charm while providing every modern comfort for its guests.

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